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    The Gen7 Engine documentation is hosted on uMod Community, so you can read it while having access to forum features. You can PM-me for any questions or suggestions about that documentation. And before everything, make sure to check this video: 


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    Building a Gen7 Engine project


    Building your Gen7 Engine Project

    You created your masterpiece. Now you want to show it to the world. I got you covered.

    Make sure everything is saved before. Then click


    A new window will appear. Select the platform you would like to release to:


    Let it do its work, few command lines window may pop-up but that's totally normal.


    Until the compilation gets finished:


    You will be able to find the builds you need for the platform you selected in C:\Gen7-Engine\sandbox\yourplatform. To get back to your project, just click on that window.

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