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  • Welcome to Gen7 Engine Documentation!

    The Gen7 Engine documentation is hosted on uMod Community, so you can read it while having access to forum features. You can PM-me for any questions or suggestions about that documentation. And before everything, make sure to check this video: 


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    Inside Gen7 Engine - Layout Workspace


    Layout Workspace

    You've installed now Gen7 Engine, congratulations! Let's see how it's organized:


    - Scriptflow: it contains the event editor, where you can drop the visual event blocks in your game/application. You can find more informations on that in the dedicated documentation post.

    - NodeProgram: it contains the system to place your nodes, shared in the project following this structure:


    The conditionnal nodes are shared in the scene, and every if node contains a specific Scriptflow script. You can find more informations about this in the dedicated documentation page too.

    - Project Explorer: your project files, like the project images, the custom events installed etc.

    - 2D Sprites Editor: the layout where you can place your project sprites, that will be loaded in the scenes you would like. It has its dedicated post too.

    - Toolbar: I think you got it. Comment, delete block events or nodes, etc. Not yet copy/paste function.


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