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    Inside Gen7 Engine - The Node Editor


    The Node Editor is the logic of your application/game.

    It follows the Finish-State Machine mechanic, that is combined to the visual block events in Scriptflow to draw all the flow of events thanks to that system. Here's an image of the Node Editor:


    In order to make our node flow, drag and drop a conditionnal node (if) from the if button, and place it. That will be our first node:


    Now place other nodes, to make all our scene global logic. The blue arrow is triggered when the event condition is verified, and the red one is triggered if that condition is not verified. But what is the event condition? In the default case, it is just the first conditionnal event block at the beginning of your Scriptflow visual programming page.

    So you can connect all your nodes by creating lines from the blue arrow to the node you want to trigger:


    Red lines are else-triggered, and blue lines are if-triggered.

    Then, you can create the visual programming logic of each node under ScriptFlow by clicking on the node. A blue circle will appear around it meaning you're currently setting that node logic:



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