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    The Gen7 Engine documentation is hosted on uMod Community, so you can read it while having access to forum features. You can PM-me for any questions or suggestions about that documentation. And before everything, make sure to check this video: 


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    Inside Gen7 Engine - The ScriptFlow Editor


    The ScriptFlow Editor

    The heart of your program is composed by event blocks, organized in ScriptFlow. Let's master that.

    Please watch this tutorial, which explains it:

    Extended argument events:


    If you cannot do what you would like using the event available, you can put together the visual programming events and your custom code. Just type in that Event textbox the code you wish to add.

    You don’t need to respect the array marks of Scriptflow window. The event just needs to be arranged from top to bottom order. The first condtionnal event of ScriptFlow will be the if-node conditionnal one.

    To scroll through the code or if the providen space is not enough, use arrow-up or down keyboard buttons.




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