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    The Gen7 Engine documentation is hosted on uMod Community, so you can read it while having access to forum features. You can PM-me for any questions or suggestions about that documentation. And before everything, make sure to check this video: 


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    Making of custom plugins


    The Event Editor

    1-      Open the Event Editor there in the Project Explorer window (in any project)


    2-      Welcome in the Event Extension Editor:


    3-      Fill the properties needed. To add the images, drop them on the editor to load a logo (used to preview the custom event in the Project Explorer) and an event image

    For Arguments

    1-      Set how much arguments your event block need (minimum 1 but if you don’t need just don’t use it, maximum 3)

    2-      In the event code, use Argument1, Argument2 or Argument3 depending on how much arguments you set.

    School Example:

    print “Argument1”; with foobar as first argument will write in code print “foobar”; (it is just remplaced)

    Exporting the custom event and usage

    1-      To be completed. Please bug me in the comments if you need it urgently.

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