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  1. Gen7 Engine - Make your asset available on the Marketplace!
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    SMG2 Material Templates

    Thanks for sure
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    Hi, have a good stay!
  4. Gen7.1 Engine The First Visual Programming Homebrew Engine, for Nintendo Switch™, Nintendo Wii™ and Microsoft Windows™ Now with Node Programming and 2D Sprites support After Gen7 Engine, the new version called Gen7.1 Engine (GenSevendotOne) creates a new way to make games and applications, with visual programming plus node programming and the very awaited 2D Sprites support. Now developing a game is possible without initial requirements and in a record time! And Gen7 Engine supports various platforms, to make your application run same on Switch, Wii, Windows and much more soon! A Visual Programming Engine, with hybrid block and node programming No programming language knowledge required! Make true your ideas with blocks, and thanks to the powerful drag-and-drop system, make your elements interact together like 2D sprites. The appealing UI is there for an even better experience, so the application creation process be a piece of cake! Main features: A Multiplatform Engine, for Nintendo Switch, Wii and Microsoft Windows What better to have to code once, and see its application run same on various platforms? With Gen7 Engine, that's possible! Gen7.1 Engine can currently produce executables for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Windows and much more soon, including mobile devices. An evolving and empowering engine Gen7 Engine is in constant development, and a lot of new features are on the way. We aim to make it the most polyvalent and easy to use engine for both homebrewers and game developers, so keep in touch with the progress. See Gen7.1 Engine in action by yourself: Patreons Release: Different Plans for Gen7 Engine Patreon Edition For now, Gen7.1 Engine is still at the beta phase, therefore only Gold and Silver Patreons can access Gen7 Engine. Gold Patreons can get stable Gen7.1 Engine 3 weeks before the free version, and Silver Patreons can get it 2 weeks ago. As for beta versions like this one, only Patreons can have it, the free version will be released when the stable version will be finished, and that 3 weeks after Gold. Gen7 Engine Patreon Edition also provides many benefits, like the access to Move! Animation Tool, and future Patreon exclusive features. The following image summarize different plans available. You're a Patreon? Thanks! Activate your copy on idstudio.live/gen7engine/register Patreon page: patreon.com/gen7engine - Also important thing to notice, being a Gen7 Engine Patreon is not only for the Patreon Edition version, but also to support project's development. Because without enough Patreons, the engine will ultimately lead to its cancel of future development plans, as you probably know a full engine development takes a lot of time. So help the project's future and be Patreon today only for one penny, thanks! -
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    Random Black Hole

    Something random to say? Like I hate Windows for example. But by random posts that are too random (eg. 1 letter posts, insignifant words) will get deleted. Hopefully posts take only some bytes.
  6. Tetris Falling Block The first stone of that famous game, Tetris. This example changes the block position following a fixed time (time loop), makes various checks including controller to move the falling block horizontally in case the user wants to, and stop the block when arrived at the bottom of the grid while showing the final horizontal block row. Can be used to make directly a full Tetris. Image source and copyight to Tetraminos. ScriptFlow image: Download: https://idstudio.live/gen7engine/plugins/examples/BlocksExampleMoving.zip Please message there for questions about Gen7.1 Engine Examples or the Engine itself! You can create an account on uMod Community, and post messages, questions or even take part in Gen7 Engine Online Documentation. - FAQ: Please Read! - - What do I need to open and run the examples? You need the last Gen7 Engine version ("Brenden, Machow8" - "Spectre" version). If you downloaded and installed Gen7 Engine before this post: redownload the setup in the main post. Gen7 Engine will automatically update. If you downloaded and installed Gen7 Engine after this post: you have nothing to do, your version will just directly update at the next startup. - How to install the examples? Drag and drop the zipped folder in C:/Gen7-Engine/projects. - How to open the examples in the engine? In the Project menu, type the folder's name of the example you installed and Gen7 Engine will automatically open it instead of making a new one. - And after that? If you need more examples, please consider supporting Gen7 Engine on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/gen7engine Thanks. I need the first goal in order to continue develop it, so please support it if you're able to. Otherwise, if Patreon doesn't follow the amount of work I spend on the development, this will be probably the last thing done for it. Sorry. I really made the examples because many people told they would like to see what the engine is capable before to support with money. That's responding to this, I hope it will be the case.
  7. Gen7.1 Engine Examples: Gamepad Control Basic application that checks which button is currently pressed, and depending of the input make an image visible or not. Simple management of 2D Sprites on different layers, plus conditionnal controller events. Download: https://idstudio.live/gen7engine/plugins/examples/GamepadExamples.zip Please message there for questions about Gen7.1 Engine Examples or the Engine itself! You can create an account on uMod Community, and post messages, questions or even take part in Gen7 Engine Online Documentation.
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    RiiConnect24 Check Mii Out Channel

    What we can ask now is when CMOC! Well it's a very awaited channel, it should be released soon. At least it's in development
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    SMG2 Text Editing MSBT

    Great work for these tutorials, hope we will see more soon
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    SMG2 Zone Adding

    Thanks a lot for that comprehensive tutorial!
  11. Originally on Kuribo64 (http://kuribo64.net/board/thread.php?id=3517), on the 02/04/2018 Always wanted to try Riivolution mods, but without having to use your PC ? modtendo! is here ! • Browse many mods directly on your Wii • Download them easily • Auto-update the app and game database and all of this on your Wii ! Download: Download it now (build152) : https://goo.gl/Hvw7dX Release infos: http://kuribo64.net/board/thread.php?pid=94504#94504 Extract the archive at root of SD card, and run it using Homebrew Browser. 16k lines of C - development credits : me, using FAT, Network and SDL. All the modtendo! original contents are under Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-ND 3.0) license. Screens: Submissions: If you have a mod and you want to make it available on the modtendo! store, complete this submission form please : https://goo.gl/forms/GjC7Bc68LDWQ5FlF2 (RealHeroicGamer : form submission manager) For now I will only post mods which the owner agree to, or which the redistribution policy is explicited. Thanks in advance !
  12. The Event Editor 1- Open the Event Editor there in the Project Explorer window (in any project) 2- Welcome in the Event Extension Editor: 3- Fill the properties needed. To add the images, drop them on the editor to load a logo (used to preview the custom event in the Project Explorer) and an event image For Arguments 1- Set how much arguments your event block need (minimum 1 but if you don’t need just don’t use it, maximum 3) 2- In the event code, use Argument1, Argument2 or Argument3 depending on how much arguments you set. School Example: print “Argument1”; with foobar as first argument will write in code print “foobar”; (it is just remplaced) Exporting the custom event and usage 1- To be completed. Please bug me in the comments if you need it urgently.
  13. Building your Gen7 Engine Project You created your masterpiece. Now you want to show it to the world. I got you covered. Make sure everything is saved before. Then click A new window will appear. Select the platform you would like to release to: Let it do its work, few command lines window may pop-up but that's totally normal. Until the compilation gets finished: You will be able to find the builds you need for the platform you selected in C:\Gen7-Engine\sandbox\yourplatform. To get back to your project, just click on that window.
  14. The Node Editor is the logic of your application/game. It follows the Finish-State Machine mechanic, that is combined to the visual block events in Scriptflow to draw all the flow of events thanks to that system. Here's an image of the Node Editor: In order to make our node flow, drag and drop a conditionnal node (if) from the if button, and place it. That will be our first node: Now place other nodes, to make all our scene global logic. The blue arrow is triggered when the event condition is verified, and the red one is triggered if that condition is not verified. But what is the event condition? In the default case, it is just the first conditionnal event block at the beginning of your Scriptflow visual programming page. So you can connect all your nodes by creating lines from the blue arrow to the node you want to trigger: Red lines are else-triggered, and blue lines are if-triggered. Then, you can create the visual programming logic of each node under ScriptFlow by clicking on the node. A blue circle will appear around it meaning you're currently setting that node logic:
  15. The ScriptFlow Editor The heart of your program is composed by event blocks, organized in ScriptFlow. Let's master that. Please watch this tutorial, which explains it: Extended argument events: If you cannot do what you would like using the event available, you can put together the visual programming events and your custom code. Just type in that Event textbox the code you wish to add. You don’t need to respect the array marks of Scriptflow window. The event just needs to be arranged from top to bottom order. The first condtionnal event of ScriptFlow will be the if-node conditionnal one. To scroll through the code or if the providen space is not enough, use arrow-up or down keyboard buttons.
  16. The 2D Sprites Editor
  17. Layout Workspace You've installed now Gen7 Engine, congratulations! Let's see how it's organized: - Scriptflow: it contains the event editor, where you can drop the visual event blocks in your game/application. You can find more informations on that in the dedicated documentation post. - NodeProgram: it contains the system to place your nodes, shared in the project following this structure: The conditionnal nodes are shared in the scene, and every if node contains a specific Scriptflow script. You can find more informations about this in the dedicated documentation page too. - Project Explorer: your project files, like the project images, the custom events installed etc. - 2D Sprites Editor: the layout where you can place your project sprites, that will be loaded in the scenes you would like. It has its dedicated post too. - Toolbar: I think you got it. Comment, delete block events or nodes, etc. Not yet copy/paste function.
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    Ultimate Filesystem Documentation

    Thanks for your contribution!
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    Good bye Reggie!

    You will be missed. He took with him a little of the Wii spirit, as he was strongly behind through the years. Well, let's see what Bowser can do now!
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    Good bye Reggie!

    Yeah that's sure, I was just joking
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    Good bye Reggie!

    He have evil plans
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    Ultimate Filesystem Documentation

    Great, hope we can enrich that with time!
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    Issue Report

    All issue reports can be posted there. If the issue may be subject to more investigation, feel free to open a new thread. And same for suggestions.
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    Issue Report

    Thanks for the report! Gonna investigate that as soon as possible, looks like the JS workaround snippet did not got triggered by your case

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