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  1. Woah I am hyped for this!
  2. Very nice example! I wanna make a full Tetris game out of this some time in the future
  3. islender

    SMG2 Material Templates

    Oh thanks, will find this very useful in the future
  4. islender

    Random Black Hole

    rip Etika
  5. islender

    Ultimate Filesystem Documentation

    Oh, thanks I'll add that to the list!
  6. The ultimate documentation of file types for various games. Aims to be as n00b-friendly as possible. You only need basic computer skills + knowledge. Later on I'll include download links to various tools you can use to edit these files! 1. DS: New Super Mario Bros. DS: Mario Kart DS: 2. Wii: Super Mario Galaxy 2: Super Mario Galaxy 1: VERY similar to it's sequel, but only a few extra file types New Super Mario Bros. Wii: Mario Kart Wii: 3. 3DS: Super Mario 3D Land: New Super Mario Bros. 2: Mario Kart 7: 4. Wii U: Mario Kart 8: Super Mario 3D World: New Super Mario Bros. U: Splatoon: 5. Switch: Splatoon 2:
  7. islender


    Someone also made an browser version, so you dont even have to download it! Unfortunatly multiplayer doesn't work http://tannerrogalsky.com/mari0/
  8. islender

    Issue Report

    Well, my tablet has a large enough screen... when it's landscape. Otherwise I just get this glitch:
  9. islender


    Mari0 is a game where you play as Mario. The twist is that he's given a portal gun, a built-in level editor, and built-in portal-style mappacks! Oh yeah, and not to forget, up to 4 players co-op and online! Download it from here R.I.P can't upload an image, the file size is too big
  10. Whoah, this is so much better than it originally was! As for $$, I hope I will be able to afford it.

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