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  1. Gen7.1 Engine The First Visual Programming Homebrew Engine, for Nintendo Switch™, Nintendo Wii™ and Microsoft Windows™ Now with Node Programming and 2D Sprites support After Gen7 Engine, the new version called Gen7.1 Engine (GenSevendotOne) creates a new way to make games and applications, with visual programming plus node programming and the very awaited 2D Sprites support. Now developing a game is possible without initial requirements and in a record time! And Gen7 Engine supports various platforms, to make your application run same on Switch, Wii, Windows and much more soon! A Visual Programming Engine, with hybrid block and node programming No programming language knowledge required! Make true your ideas with blocks, and thanks to the powerful drag-and-drop system, make your elements interact together like 2D sprites. The appealing UI is there for an even better experience, so the application creation process be a piece of cake! Main features: A Multiplatform Engine, for Nintendo Switch, Wii and Microsoft Windows What better to have to code once, and see its application run same on various platforms? With Gen7 Engine, that's possible! Gen7.1 Engine can currently produce executables for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Windows and much more soon, including mobile devices. An evolving and empowering engine Gen7 Engine is in constant development, and a lot of new features are on the way. We aim to make it the most polyvalent and easy to use engine for both homebrewers and game developers, so keep in touch with the progress. See Gen7.1 Engine in action by yourself: Patreons Release: Different Plans for Gen7 Engine Patreon Edition For now, Gen7.1 Engine is still at the beta phase, therefore only Gold and Silver Patreons can access Gen7 Engine. Gold Patreons can get stable Gen7.1 Engine 3 weeks before the free version, and Silver Patreons can get it 2 weeks ago. As for beta versions like this one, only Patreons can have it, the free version will be released when the stable version will be finished, and that 3 weeks after Gold. Gen7 Engine Patreon Edition also provides many benefits, like the access to Move! Animation Tool, and future Patreon exclusive features. The following image summarize different plans available. You're a Patreon? Thanks! Activate your copy on idstudio.live/gen7engine/register Patreon page: patreon.com/gen7engine - Also important thing to notice, being a Gen7 Engine Patreon is not only for the Patreon Edition version, but also to support project's development. Because without enough Patreons, the engine will ultimately lead to its cancel of future development plans, as you probably know a full engine development takes a lot of time. So help the project's future and be Patreon today only for one penny, thanks! -

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