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SMG2 Text Editing MSBT

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A SMG2 Hacking tutorial on Text Editing(Yeah...)

Well not many people like the MSBT editor but here I am making a tutorial on it.

1: you will need a text arc found in LocalizeData. Once you have found the file your looking for extract the arc and you'll have a folder with .msbt inside.

2: open MSBT editor and press on file open and open up your .msbt wait for it to load them you'll see a few things sound codes the type of NPC and so on.

3: to give an NPC text place your NPC in Whitehole look up it's file name and give it a Message ID (start from 0). Then in the MSBT editor find a NPC and replace the name if needed to makes sure you have the right Message ID you'll see 000 at the end of the name these indicate the NPC's Message ID so if the Message ID is 1 set it to 001 and so on. 

4: Lastly there are text options and stuff first write your text for each line around 42 characters (Spaces included).
Now there are icon options and stuff but I'm not gonna talk about them in details so some of them will be listed down here:
Kinopio is toad
Peach is Peach
SignPost is bill board
SuperSpinDriver launch star

And finally save your file but when you press save wait about five minutes and then close the program but do not open a .msbt file and reopen the same file while that file is still in the editor or you'll get a broken text file with nothing. 

Extra: A . msbt is a Super Mario Galaxy 2 file format for text such as NPC's scenario missions and so on. They can be found in SMG2/LocalizeData and in their are 2 folders containing . arc files and inside those are .msbt which you open with an editor (MSBT editor). 

I hope this helped any people who were having trouble with SMG2 text editing!




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