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SMG2 Zone Adding

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This is a tutorial on how to add zones to SMG1/2.
You need Whitehole and Dossun2.
Adding zones to your galaxies is useful if you have a lot of objects and planets for if you just have one big zone it might lag and there is a limit on how many objects their are in a zone filling it up again might still lag so every section of a galaxy is usually  a zone. Also it orders the Galaxy nicely!

Step 1:
Open up Dossun2 and your game folder by clicking select game folder.
Next open scenario editor and to the right should be zones.
Press add then type and remember that name it's the name for your zone you must know it.

Step 2:
Open up Whitehole and open your game folder.
Next on the top press BCSV editor.
Now on the left type this /StageData/(Your)Galaxy/(Your)GalaxyMap.arc
On the right type /(Your)Galaxy/jmp/Placement/Common/StageObjInfo

Step 3:
Hit open and a row will appear.
Now enter your zone name in the first box and hit save.
In the Box pos_X,Y and Z is where your zones X:0 Y:0 Z:0 axis will be relative to the level so set those how you like and then dir_X,Y and Z are rotational values so that the zone can be rotated!

Step 4(Depends on your template):
While still in Whitehole's BCSV editor click on open-> Galaxy->UseResource->Common then a small window will open asking your for a Galaxy name so type the name of your zone!
Lastly it will open a few things like StageData/(Your)Galaxy/(Your)GalaxyMap.arc and so on...
Next if they have the name TemplateGalaxy Change them to the name of your zone all of them!!!





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