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RC24 Check Mii Out Channel (repost)

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Hey, y'all! Nintendo Emmet here speaking on the uModcommunity!
I feel like we should talk about the Check Mii Out Channel. This will be WiiConnect24 and RiiConnect24 related.
The Check Mii Out Channel (CMOC) was a channel on WC24 during it's run until somewhere in 2012 - 2013. That's when WC24 just faded away. Until, AwesomeMarioFan, thought of a mod where the News Channel was able to be brought back, that's when AMF, made a post on GBATemp to bring it back. CustomConnect24 was a thi- okay lets just skip to cmoc.
During all of the other channels News Channel, Forecast Channel, Everybody Votes Channel, people were still wondering where the Check Mii Out Channel was. Larsen implemented on this by making a video on the explanation of why the Check Mii Out Channel wasn't out. After 1 year when that rolled out, Nintendo Channel was finished and released. Check Mii Out Channel? Nothing.
Then, everything changed... Shutterbug got the contests, Mii selection, and submitting work! Then they said the Check Mii Out Channel will be released in Summer.
Anyways, now that this insanity is over, we should conclude the post.

Peace, y'all!                        SOONTM.


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