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SMG2 Zone Adding(The Updated Version)

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As tools advance so do methods of editing video games which is precisely why I'm writing this tutorial!


-So let's get into it first things first have you Galaxy ready to add a zone then open up Dossun2 0.74(the other tutorial used 0.6.4)! For Dossun2 version 0.74 you need StageData, ObjectData, LightData and SystemData!

-Once it's open press New Zone and enter the following settings it asks of you like layers, name and so on! If you've successfully done this inside StageData it will have a new folder with the name of you zone and certain file(s) inside.

-The Next thing to do is add this newly created zone to the Galaxy so to do that open up Scenario Editor and select your Galaxy. A new window should open and find Zone Settings and press Add then type the name of the zone you previously made and check the layer boxes which you need(you can check different layers on different scenario's). Once done Save and you can close Dossun2 0.74!

This last bit remains the same but let's go over it anyway. You open up Whitehole then your game files. After that you open up the BCSV editor and on the left type: /StageData/(your)Galaxy/(your)GalaxyMap.arc adn on the Right you type: /(your)Galaxy/jmp/Placement/Common/StageObjInfo. Once you type this you press add entry and fill in the settings such as X,Y and Z pos( the position relative to the center of the galaxy) and so on the name...

Once done hit save and your finished!



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